Rico Mols’ distinctive eye focuses on the unnoticed

The inexhaustible passion, energy and enthusiasm for film determine the approach. The changing perspectives and various angles of approach determine the images. What perspectives define Rico?

Perspective 1

The image maker

The passion for camera is all about the final, overall picture and its effect. Emotions are shown by combining image and music, but they are also directed and evoked by the viewer. The passion for this power works as an inexhaustible, infectious source of energy.

Perspective 2

The skilled collaborator

A film is never just a project. A film is a creative but professional collaboration from start to finish. Its purpose must be clear from the get go: why is it made? What will be achieved? Who will be reached? Rico thinks along, but can also easily take matters into his own hands. He works with all available camera equipment such as drones, gimbals, DSLR, shoulder cameras, cinema cameras, and more.

Perspective 3

The world traveler

Open-minded, versatile, transparent. These features make boundaries fade in pictures, and in real life. As a digital nomad, Rico sees the world as his home. This allows him to work, travel, meet new people, discover unfamiliar spaces, and make them familiar without making it his home.

Perspective 4


*To be determined. Can you offer access to new perspectives?